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If you’re a fan of vintage films, you will know there is often a running theme. A fast fabulous car and a thriller storyline with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure! In 1968, a certain Ford blazed its way onto the silver screen. That car was the Mustang GT Fastback and the movie was Bullitt. And as a star was born, history was made. I was delighted to be invited to the South of France to celebrate the launch of their new Ford Mustang, aptly named Bullitt, for a 50th-anniversary revival.

There is nothing quite like the light in the South of France. A favourite of artists, filmmakers and the Hollywood elite it is a great place for driving and the perfect place to try out the new Ford Mustang. My journey started in Nice and I drove up to the winding mountains, admiring a great view overlooking the Cote D’Azur. The Mustang Bullitt is a car that needs minimum effort for maximum speed so it is best to be gentle with it unless you want to go super fast! Now of course, there are many new additions to the new Mustang, acceleration, power and bigger throttle bodies being one of them. But to be honest I just cared about it’s aesthetic! Shining in a highland green colour it is a classic vintage style and perfect for donning your favourite headscarf with some oversized shades for some serious Instagram worthy pictures! It definitely has personality and we had quite a few stares from the locals.

We stopped for a spot of lunch at the Grand Hotel Bain in Comps-Sur-Artuby- a very quaint, very French village tucked away in the mountains, and slowly I ate my body weight in quiche and crusty bread (how could I resist?) Then it was on to the coast which we drove along the sea edge, taking in all the scenery. We visited Cannes, Juan Les Pins and then finished at Cap D’Antibes Hotel which has its own private beach and where I would be staying for the evening.

My room had a chic fresh look with a dash of 60’s style, which kept with the running vintage theme and the balcony overlooked orchards and the harbour. On one side there were yachts galore and on the other, a quiet beach with deck chairs just asking to sit on and drink a cocktail. Downstairs, the restaurant was laid out to showcase a very special Ford dinner which was all fish dishes- heaven!

It was relaxing to sit and chat with others on their experience of driving the new Mustang and find out their interesting spots that they had passed along the way. It definitely never gets boring being in the South of France, and although the film Bullitt is 50 years old, I never tire of a classic car either!

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The date the 31st October never goes out of fashion. Once it’s main revellers were children but it has now gone full circle and is definitely a chance for the adults to join in on the fun too! Peggy Porschen has added her own magical twist to Halloween and has put on a spooktacular display at her tea parlour on Ebury Street.

Arriving at the pink paradise in Belgravia, I was delighted to see the outside had been decorated with pink bejewelled skulls, iridescent pumpkins and of course the classic floral display that has made her the most Instagrammed store in London!

I knew there would be some themed delights inside so entered to find a beautiful display of cakes in a long glass cabinet. I had gone on an empty stomach (bad mistake) and suddenly found myself wanting to try them all! After an inner debate, I decided to be good (ish) and sample the Pumpkin Spice cupcake. This arrived with a perfect chocolate stencilled cappuccino in a pink pastel cup, which is one of Peggy’s specialities, decorated coffee! My friend picked out the spooky Skulls and Pearls cupcake which also looked delicious and I resisted stealing a bite.

Peggy Porschen studied at Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. She established Peggy Porschen Cakes in 2003, a bespoke design company that not only reflects her life-long love of baking but also celebrates beautiful craftsmanship, inspired by romance, femininity and fashion. Her cookies and cakes have graced many A-list events, such as Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball whilst her first book, Pretty Party Cakes, was voted Best Entertaining Cookbook by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Her menu also has the most exquisite drinks list (yet is not over-bearing in choice and style). If tea is your thing then her carefully curated tea selection will definitely hit the right notes for your taste buds. The latest autumn addition, Spiced Apple, is an infusion of sweet apple pieces, warming winter spices and pomegranate- perfect for cold winter days.

Inside the parlour there is beautifully wrapped biscuits, cookbooks and a lot of pink! Infact I purposely wore pink to fit in with the décor! The bakery’s fans include Madonna, Elton John, and Kate Moss, and her cakes have won rave reviews from the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair. Peggy herself has an ethic that has won her legions of fans, simply known as ‘edible art’ it would be hard to disagree- and with the picture perfect cakes, décor and ambience, you will definitely be a Belgravia belle in this beautiful tea house. An elegant afternoon and the ultimate chic Halloween outing!


I have decided to start a few new musings titled, The Mummy Diaries, I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your views, opinions and feedback! #GoWithTheFlow

In my birthing pregnancy class, which I attended back in May, the teacher started talking about emotions and birth and more about the emotions. Now, I’m not cynical and I agree the emotions and birth are super important but I would say there are 3 things that are going to happen when you have a baby.

  1. Your waters will break or they’ll make them break.
  2. You will have contractions, it will hurt like hell.
  3. Baby will come out- Ouila!

After my C-section which I found wonderful (pushing a near 10-pound baby out? Ouch, ouch and more ouch) a nurse came into my cubicle. She asked me ‘Did I need counselling because I felt guilty?’

Guilty for what? The Cesarean? Are you kidding me? I was literally jumping for joy! A quick fabulous procedure with zero pain? I couldn’t have wished for anything better! (For the record I did try the normal way for 12 hours but I wouldn’t dilate and so it was fine for me).

But anyway this is the sort of thing they talked about in birthing class. I think it’s important the baby comes out in a healthy way and no amount of planning will change that. I just went to the birthing classes for ‘a laugh.’ Literally, I did. The characters in them were super funny. There was nervous gardener. No holds barred outspoken Londoner. Careful couple who wrote down everything the teacher said. The list goes on!

One day I said ‘Isn’t it amazing how women have been doing this for centuries around the back of a hut, or in their bedroom, but now it seems every little detail is looked at?’ (Always my problem in school for saying what I thought but couldn’t resist). The midwife looked shocked. ‘But people used to die more back then!’

O.K that’s understandable but you can’t plan a birth when you really don’t know if it will go exactly to plan, so maybe a loose plan is better? And so she would ask every week, ‘what’s your birthing plan?’

‘For the baby to come out,’ was my naughty reply.

Which leads me onto my next bit. I must admit that when I brought Baby Felix home I googled all the bloody time. Why is his sleep like this? His feedings. How to do this and that. Then I realised, it’s all gone to shit and to just go with the flow.

Yes, most of the time he sleeps through the night like an angel. Then other times he wants to get up at 2am. But you go online and it’s a crazy mummy rollercoaster that you can’t get off.

Sleep training. Should you rock them? Put them in the cot awake. Don’t let them nap in the pram. Be strict but not too strict. Get them used to sleeping out and about. Sleeping should be dark but they should be able to sleep anywhere. Don’t feed them then let them sleep. If you need them to sleep, feed them. Etc! Etc!

I’ve realised instead of planning, go with the flow- every day is different. What will be will be. You are only doing your best! There are going to be the days you feel like crap and nothing goes to plan (I often find this is when the baby is having a bad day then everything else just goes wrong). Enjoy each part of the baby as they will constantly get new associations, developments and challenges. Yes, it’s good to read up and try things and books can be very interesting but it’s important to make it work around your life and schedule. All you can do is try and see what works for you. Also make sure you have a break every now and then, even if that feels like you have a million and one things to do, the cleaning can always wait until later. The End!

Today was a very beautiful day in Wiltshire! The sun was shining, the air was crisp and it was time to go to my favourite tea shop in the whole world… Polly’s Tea Rooms in Marlborough.

Established in 1912 this lovely cafe is a favourite for locals and visitors alike and I just love the atmosphere and style of the cafe. It has black and white photographs on the walls of film stars, fresh gigantic slices of Victoria sponge, homemade iced mice and other ‘childrens’ style treats. They also use classic table cloths and napery, a winner in my book!

After this I wandered around the local stores, and especially the charity shops! I love charity shops and ever since I was little I’ve always loved rummaging around and finding vintage treasures, it never gets boring. Today I just bought a Viyella tweed jacket and looked at the crockery (big fan of crockery lol)

A perfect day with my baby boy Felix, my mum and a rather naughty eclair… XXX

Wearing; Zara

Felix wearing; Cath Kidston

Today was the day… the annual spring harvest event held at the lovely Daylesford

in Gloucestershire, and yes the heavens opened but nothing was going to stop me! Coming straight from New York to the English countryside with all it’s eccentricity, dogs, Hunter wellies and the longest ever queue for a cup of tea, I knew I was certainly back home.

The Daylesford annual Harvest is a speciality with beautiful organic produce and fresh food served as well as The Country Brocante and childrens activities. It was such a lovely day out… and how could I resist but to buy a few goodies to take home?

I wore this autumnal dress by store Joy, and it has totally got me in the mood for all things rustic, I just love this part of the year. Yes, the nights get colder and darker but one can get cosier and warmer inside! Roll on winter I say…