It’s that time of year when the shops are busy and a break is well overdue. There’s the frantic rush to get all the Christmas shopping done and not to forget anyone! But what if you don’t have much time, feel stressed on how your going to buy it and want to add that traditional home touch to your gifts? Well, there are other ways to show your love for Christmas and they can be often free, traditional and vintage inspired. Here are my top five…

1: Make a photo book of memories for your loved one and put in their favourite hollywood vintage icons, personal places you’ve been together or fun nights out together.

2: Bake a cake – but a traditional recipe! E.g Victoria Sponge, scones or something equally as naughty but delicious. That home baked recipe is always a magical touch.


3: Give something from your wardrobe that your friend has always admired. A brooch, piece of costume jewellery or a scarf is always lovely. From ancient wisdom to the more modern day Deepak Chopra always quoted that the more we give, the more we receive. And it also gives you a feel good factor for giving away things that you know are more suited to friends.

4: Craft an accessory in their favourite colour. Be it knitting or sewing a cushion with some spare fabric. The thought that goes in it will be admired by all!

5: Take them to a free event in your city or town. or many instagram groups such as ‘Pop up London’ offer free events, nights out and interesting launches from book clubs to psychology talks, there is something for everyone.

Have a beautiful Christmas whereever you are


Shot at Beach Blanket Babylon

By Avant Photography

Chocolate by Hotel Chocolat

Recently I had the pleasure of modeling for Glamorous Hats new collection by Valeria. The creations are stunning, jaw dropping works of art using the finest Swarovski, taxidermy, precious stones and sumptious fabrics. When you put them on they make you walk, stand and act differently- this is the Glamorous Hats effect!

All of Valeria’s hats are lovingly hand-made in her Atelier in East London, using only materials of the highest quality or by restoring great condition vintage pieces, paying greatest attention to detail and execution. She is strongly influenced by both historical and contemporary styles and loves the craft of traditional millinery. She designs, steams, blocks, pleats, sews, shapes, constructs, dyes and paints with a passion. Her hats combine stylish trims and dramatic shapes to create sensational designs that are seductive and sophisticated. Valeria’s hats are sought after by A-list celebrity stylists and have been worn to Ascot, Buckingham Palace, weddings and on stage to name a few occasions.

To view more of her work:

ValeriaHats-F 28

ValeriaHats-F 15-f

Christmas is less than two weeks away, I can’t quite believe it! I’m very excited to see the New Year in and what a year it has been. But even with all the business, glamour never takes a holiday and here are some easy vintage accessories that you can buy for your loved ones or spruce up a classic outfit. These are all 1950’s but you can of course, wear whichever era you love…

Have a beautiful Christmas wherever you are xxx

The Glasses

Vintage 1950’s glasses are a classic and affordable item that makes anything look a little ‘Mildred.’ I call it secretary sauce and I bought these from an LA shop then had clear glass put in for £20 (I don’t actually need glasses but love the geek chic look 😉


The shoe clips

A shoe can look decorative with just one secret trick- clip on earrings. I have used pearlesque 1950’s one’s and you just put them on the front over the black decorative patch. Even better chop and change them depending on your outfit. You can also wear them in the normal way, on your ears so it’s a versatile item that can be used in many ways.


The brooch

Although I love a fancy cardi, a brooch can do wonders to any outfit. Mostly they are pinned onto the chest but I like to secure them in the middle of a jumper or cardigan for that just finished work secretary look.