It’s a little bit busy over at ABK Hq at the moment and there are most certainly not enough hours in the day! But I will be sharing some great news with you soon (I know, I know I’ve been saying that for ages but literally its all systems a-go-go now đŸ˜‰

So I couldn’t resist to have a little treat and visit the Rosewood Hotel for afternoon tea with my new Hermes scarf. I particularly love the prints of Hermes, very Parisian, very ladylike and always with the most colourful patterns- heaven!

After recently reading that before Audrey Hepburn was an actress, whilst working in cabaret clubs in Piccadilly, she had only one fine possession to her name- a silk scarf which she could aptly tie 17 ways!

I couldn’t manage quite as many but I did give three a go…. Here are my favourites that work perfect for this January weather…

The Classic Audrey

Taken from the diva herself, she used to wear her scarf in this way often. Works great if you have pincurls setting underneath or its windy. Some people call it granny, I call it tres tres chic!



Hello Sailor!

This is a classic nautical look with a dash of Sloane, a simple V shape at the back by doubling up the scarf and knotted at the front, perfect if your wearing a plain top as I am and need a dash of vibrancy.


Tie Side Glamour

This is super easy and can be worn with a coat for a day or night look. Just tie and go!



Hello 2017…! What a beautiful start to the year it has been. Things have been overly busy as I am preparing for a new project which will be revealed soon. So I was delighted to slip into something more comfortable and be invited to try out Maguy De Chadiracs new collection which involves a lot of black silk, maribou and cocktail pyjamas- who was I to say no?!

Aptly my choice of location was The Ritz to lounge in her hand beaded cocktail trousers with their lavish decorations complimented by tea and champagne (they go so well together as well as a slab of cinnamon shortbread!)

Maguy de Chadirac is a French born designer based in London, she graduated from the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.
Following her Couture degree, Maguy worked in Paris for Haute Couture Houses such as John Galliano for Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. The textile and embroidery experience she gained in these houses proved invaluable.

She also has a new pop up shop above Tallulahs Lingerie in Islington where she is launching her new full collection- do check it out, Maguy is an absolute dream!



Well hello there and may I say, Happy New Year!

2016 was for many an odd year, and for me some super highs, amazing projects and also some struggles and challenges. I used to sometimes see these as negatives but now I see them as ‘messages.’ Along the way instead of hanging on to anything I simply let it go and see it as it was- a simple message. But the last year has been quite wonderful so it was definitely a positive. View Post