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Once you step into The Ritz, you will remember it forever. From the gilded 24 carat gold ceilings to the impeccable plush floral carpet there is something seductively enticing about this iconic hotel, which opened in 1906. I am here to view a selection of the private rooms as well as indulge in one of the hotels famous afternoon teas, of which they serve around 400 per day! In 2002, The Ritz was awarded the ‘Royal Warrant for Banqueting and Catering Services’ by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and walking through the hotel I certainly did get an essence of regal living whilst the salmon pink, crème and gold interior gave it the comfort of being luxuriously cosy.

The hotel is inspired by antique style architecture and entering the private dining salon I felt like indeed, I was having a feast for my eyes! In the impressive William Kent House, the Grade II listed mansion adjoining the hotel, there is original Italian Renaissance style décor with an intricately painted gold, blue and red coved ceiling of which I could just imagine the dinners and events it has witnessed. I was glad I had brought my mum along as she loves décor and interiors and was more than happy to view the beautiful rooms!

We also visited the Trafalgar Suite (you may remember it as featured in the film in Notting Hill) which has a pink marble bathroom (my absolute dream!) whilst the large suites and bedroom areas were decorated in the most exquisite furnishings overlooking Green Park. The best part was that you could hear a pin drop with absolutely no outside noise whilst I secretly fell in love with the classic ‘R’ which was embellished on many of the furnishings.

Next my mum and I entered the Palm Court, accompanied by a live piano, gold-edged mirrors and sparkling chandeliers. The Ritz is the only hotel in the UK to have a certified Tea Sommelier, Giancomenico Scanu who finds the finest teas from around the world. We had a choice of 18 loose-leaf teas and the Ritz Royal was a clear winner for us! We were also placed in the perfect spot being directly in the center by the mirrors- what better place to people watch and enjoy a quintessentially English tea?

Our tier soon arrived with beautifully presented classic cut English sandwiches, freshly baked scones with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry preserve, and a mouth-watering range of exquisitely presented pastries and teacakes. We were treated to an afternoon of music and good conversation whilst the forget-me-not bone china teacups we drank from were from the coveted William Edwards set.

The best way to describe an afternoon tea at The Ritz is being transported to another world. Where time stands still, where you have an abundance of time to relax in a beautiful setting and where the friendly service is so impeccable you will hardly notice when they place another plate of sandwiches on your tier- More tea anyone?






There’s nothing like the Franchise Riviera, easpecially at the end of the September Sun. There’s also nothing quite like Paris, so with a week to spare I decided to combine the both.

I had a relaxing quiet few days in Nice and Cannes- staying in the old port and also the Tiara Miramar Hotel. Then I went onto Paris where I had an eventful weekend.

Below is a few photos of a beautiful time. Now I am planning a winter getaway, would love to hear any tips on where to go and what to do!



Hotel De Talleyrand – an open house normally private!

With my friend Guilliaume- who I’ve known for seven years!

Hot chocolate (pure!) at the Crillon

(When he’s most not that into you 😉 A General at the Hotel De Talleyrand Open House Day

Relaxation at the Tiara Miramar Hotel and Spa


There is nothing better in life than visiting the one and only Fortnum and Mason (very tempting to say Fortnum’s and Mason’s but apparently that’s not the correct way as I was informed!)

There’s something about entering the doors with the two suited footmen holding candlesticks, the array of freshly made confectionary and the rows upon rows of deliciously boxed champagne.

I love to visit the Icecream Parlour for a vegan milkshake (it’s so good – you must try the salted caramel) and then wondering around looking at the face creams and tea cups sends me into heaven.


Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason met in 1705 when Mr Fortnum rented a room in his house. William Fortnum who was quite the entrepreneur and even had a stint as a footman for Queen Anne, had the ingenious idea for selling Queen Anne’s half used candle wax, at a profit, which then paved the way for the beginning of a respectable business. The rest, as they say, is grocery.

In 1738 with all the travellers heading west and their shop established in Duke Street they decided to capatilise on the food surge. Coming up with numerous ideas, Mr Fortnum & his staff developed the smart idea of wrapping a hard-boiled egg in sausage meat and coating it in fried breadcrumbs, the world’s first Scotch Egg. Tasty, filling and portable, it proved to be just as popular then as it is today.


After this Fortnum and Mason fully developed their grocery side with fresh meats, fish, vegetables, sauces, cheese, bakery goods and a manner of other unique foods all with the high quality stamp of approval from her majesty the queen.


Below are a couple of photos and video from my last visit, wearing a 40’s style tie front top from Zara – I fully recommend Fortnum and Mason for a day or evening of indulgence and relaxation.


IMG_4898 IMG_4899

It’s not often you see a natural meadow these days but when you do it is a sight to behold. This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my mummy in the Wiltshire countryside (and my daddy too!) so I made the most of it with long walks, fresh farm food and a lovely visit to Frome, a sleepy but very artistic town full of vintage stores and exquisite items!

My mum explained that the town has many hand-crafted stores, and I simply couldn’t get enough (I posted some videos on my Instagram of the beauties!) and we spent hours pottering around and eating locally sourced salads and tea. There is nothing like spending good quality time with your family and appreciating the small pleasures in life, being in London can be so busy so walking through the locks and meadows is very tranquil and calming.

When I found the meadow of buttercups I couldn’t resist taking some photos, wearing Topshop pink check trousers and Fifi Chachnil angora cardigan (my favourite!)

I would love to hear what your plans for relaxing are now the nights are getting longer, lighter and brighter, A xxx




Ellen von unwerth is the queen. Fact. I have always had a soft spot for glamour. There’s something alluring about the tease and the enticement of femininity. And Ellen’s photos ooze all that and more.
The first time I saw ellen Von Unwerths work was in a Milan airport advertising a lingerie shop . Indeed the advertisement oozed so much popping beauty I instantly went in to the store determined to acquire some of this lingerie. To my dismay the garments were a little on the polyester paradise side but I was instantly sold on Ellen and her work.
So imagine my delight and surprise when I heard of the launch of her new book and exhibiton at Taschen. I immediately whipped down in an Uber and was in instant heaven.

Here are my top 5 reasons to see this iconic photographers work now.

1. Sauce. No I’m not talking about sludges of toffee fudge or extra strawberry. I’m talking about the pure beauty of the naked form. She brings out the exquisitely feminine and even though there is nakedness on display it is tasteful, and done with a storyline in mind. Which brings me to my next one.

2. Narrative. Whether is a maid with a red glossy pout or girls in lederhosen having fun, her work always has an amazing storyline, with many threads running throughout the series.

3. Innuendos. Who doesn’t love a suggestive sausage or a peek of naughty stockings?
Her images are always sleek and chic whilst being totally playful and fun at the same time.

4. She was a model and knows how to make her girls look good! She always captures her subjects in their best light, highlighting their best features and

5. Her exhibition is also an accumulation of a book. Ellen’s exhibiton takes a long time to curate, hence the beauty, playful diversity, feminine narrative that makes all of the images in the exhibiton acutely definitive of her work. But if you can’t make the exhibition you can also purchase her new book