There’s nothing like the Franchise Riviera, easpecially at the end of the September Sun. There’s also nothing quite like Paris, so with a week to spare I decided to combine the both.

I had a relaxing quiet few days in Nice and Cannes- staying in the old port and also the Tiara Miramar Hotel. Then I went onto Paris where I had an eventful weekend.

Below is a few photos of a beautiful time. Now I am planning a winter getaway, would love to hear any tips on where to go and what to do!



Hotel De Talleyrand – an open house normally private!

With my friend Guilliaume- who I’ve known for seven years!

Hot chocolate (pure!) at the Crillon

(When he’s most not that into you 😉 A General at the Hotel De Talleyrand Open House Day

Relaxation at the Tiara Miramar Hotel and Spa


There is nothing better in life than visiting the one and only Fortnum and Mason (very tempting to say Fortnum’s and Mason’s but apparently that’s not the correct way as I was informed!)

There’s something about entering the doors with the two suited footmen holding candlesticks, the array of freshly made confectionary and the rows upon rows of deliciously boxed champagne.

I love to visit the Icecream Parlour for a vegan milkshake (it’s so good – you must try the salted caramel) and then wondering around looking at the face creams and tea cups sends me into heaven.


Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason met in 1705 when Mr Fortnum rented a room in his house. William Fortnum who was quite the entrepreneur and even had a stint as a footman for Queen Anne, had the ingenious idea for selling Queen Anne’s half used candle wax, at a profit, which then paved the way for the beginning of a respectable business. The rest, as they say, is grocery.

In 1738 with all the travellers heading west and their shop established in Duke Street they decided to capatilise on the food surge. Coming up with numerous ideas, Mr Fortnum & his staff developed the smart idea of wrapping a hard-boiled egg in sausage meat and coating it in fried breadcrumbs, the world’s first Scotch Egg. Tasty, filling and portable, it proved to be just as popular then as it is today.


After this Fortnum and Mason fully developed their grocery side with fresh meats, fish, vegetables, sauces, cheese, bakery goods and a manner of other unique foods all with the high quality stamp of approval from her majesty the queen.


Below are a couple of photos and video from my last visit, wearing a 40’s style tie front top from Zara – I fully recommend Fortnum and Mason for a day or evening of indulgence and relaxation.


IMG_4898 IMG_4899


When people talk about change they often think of it as a bad thing. ‘You’ve changed, they’ve changed,’ and it doesnt always have positive connotations. But as its the beginning of a new year (and its always tempting to do this at the beginning of January) I have decided to embrace all change, and keep it going all year round!

The first change started with getting rid of a lot of my possessions. I have so much ‘stuff’ and throwing, giving, selling has become the focal point for me for the last 2 weeks. It felt good to give things to my friends- jewellery, books, vintage items- anything I thought they would like. I sold a few designer pieces and gave 8 binbags to the charity shop! Wowsa! I also threw away 5 bin bags- it was all broken things, scribblings on papers, broken pictures I never fixed- you get the picture 😉

My next change has started with myself. I am always passionate about listening to ones own body and mind which always tells you the truth, so yoga, Pilates and meditation has been on my hit list. That way I can focus on the projects I am currently doing and work towards them in a positive energetic way.

And this goes onto my last change of all, I am going somewhere new! I am going to do a whole blog on this soon, as it has been somewhat of a momentous journey but first of all below are my favourite quotes about change and why they are good.

P.S The picture above was taken in minus-1 in Hyde Park in one of my favourite 1950s shelf busters in mint- it was bloody freezing and we had to run and hibernate in a cafe immediately after but you have to suffer for your art!

Quotes on Change

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards,” Abraham Lincoln

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new,” Socrates

“She loves the smell of coffee, fresh roses and new beginnings,” Sonia Azalia

“Do one thing a day that scares you,” Eleanor Roosevelt












One doesn’t normally associates an afternoon cup of tea as a party but when visiting the Rare tea launch there was definitely the spirit of celebration.

After arriving at the utterly charming Claridges we ascended in officially the oldest lift in London, and were welcomed with Christmas music and spiced chai tea infused with rum- Hello early Christmas!

Rare Tea is the brainchild of Henrietta Lovell who started the brand in 2004 and supplies the world’s best restaurants and hotels, including the ever-glamorous Claridges.
The company focuses on quality and ethics, trading with farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

Henrietta also showed us her bespoke tea sets in which she collaborates with Stoke on Trent potteries and ceramic artisans. I loved the names of the teas like Speedy Breakfast, Sporttea, Sunset Oolong, Matcha Made in Heaven and Henrietta herself is known as the Rare Tea Lady (quite envious that her title is actually a Lady!)

The launch was set in a suite, which was just as friendly and warm as the tea. I was joined by dancer, Miss Betsy Rose, who was asked by an affable chap that as she was a dancer if she could perhaps do a merry jig, but with all the cake on offer we decided to concentrate on that instead. As it was in a suite I had worn a vintage dressing gown, which looks like a silk dress. I kept whispering to Betsy that I hoped no one could tell that it was secretly nightwear. With all the many biscuits, Christmas cake and Panettone on offer, I don’t think anyone noticed!

After they filled my cup with more chai tea and Betsy and I mingled with a few more tea-obsessed people we exited Claridges, armed with a lovely tin of goodies that Henrietta gifted us. We were thrilled to be descending back in the oldest lift in London and our lovely lift conductor didn’t even mind us giving him our own rendition of Noel Noel (sorry about that).

From now on I am definitely going to recreate the Christmas atmosphere at home, and yes, it may include a dash of rum!


You can follow all my lady adventures at The Lady Magazine


Currently it’s all about that L.A life! I have been spending my time in the States lately and what fun it is! O.K so London will always have my heart but when opportunity knocks I have been discovering new things in ways I had not expected. As I like to say, let the universe provide and the rest will be taken care of…

But enough psychology! I have had a ball in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica! A lot of my friends now live in L.A so I’m never alone and I love the diversity and stories (some of them pretty out there) of how people made their way to L.A.

I will keep you posted but here’s some photos in and around L.A in the last week…

American Kisses