Finding maternity clothes is how can I put it politely? Bonkers! (As well as frustrating, hard work and time consuming).

There’s the maternity leggings and jeans (which kind of make you look like your wearing a nappy 😉 and I am quite feminine so really wanted to find pieces that emulated my style. Also I love vintage styles, especially those of the 1950’s so could I find something that had an essence of this? I had my work cut out for me!

I decided to head to my favourite haunt (where I’ve shopped ever since I was little) Marks and Spencers.

I used to shop in the ‘Over 50’s’ section which is now called ‘Classics’ as their items are pure vintage whilst being very comfortable.

I decided to see if I could put their pieces to the test and find some pregnancy clothes. Now they don’t have a maternity section as such! But one thing I have realised with maternity wear is that as long as there’s stretch and they are not too tight on the waist then you can definitely work around that problem. I have found that wrap dresses work well as do floaty pieces and jersey.

Here are my favourite Marks and Spencers pieces which aren’t maternity wear but could definitely work well for ladies out there who are expecting… Happy shopping 😉

1st Look~ Floral Wrap Dress £39.50

2nd Look- Floral Print Dress £19 (wow! Amazing price)

3rd Look- Floral Dress £15

4th Look- Wrap Dress £45

5th Look- £39.50

Well, it’s been go, go , go over at ABK HQ of late! So this is a little belated post to you to celebrate the beauty of Christmas and the end of 2017. Hope you are getting in the festive spirit and ready for a little relaxation wherever you are.

Wow! This year turned out different to what I expected! In a good way though and can’t wait for all the new changes that will be starting in the new year (including a totally revamped blog too!)

In the meantime do follow me on Instagram @annettekellow and over at where I write my weekly column as Young Ladies About Town.

Here are a couple of snaps from a recent shoot, by the gigantic bauble at Goodge Street- if you haven’t checked it out, it’s a must and total photo worthy! Wearing a stretchy knitted Reiss dress (perfect for Christmas dining too lol!)

Merry Christmas, may you have a lovely time with all.



We all need a bit of TLC when the cold nights set in and even the most vintage enthusiast of us may want to have a bit of a warmer look. So I went in search of comfy versus vintage chicness. Of course, I headed to the shop I am OBSESSED with; Marks and Spencers.

I’ve always loved this shop and from the pyjamas down to the shoes (and who can forget the food!) so to me the quality is second to none. So the whole outfit (apart from the shoes which are Louboutin) is Marks and Spencers. Team with my dog and Notting Hill, I was in pure heaven!

Also I love how these prints are actually clashing but sort of work together- have you ever tried that? Would love to see your looks for Autumn and how you make comfortable feel fabulous!


The nights are getting colder, the days are getting shorter and well, it’s basically winter. Most people freak out when this hits, talking and dreaming of warmer days but I actually love the winter and looking forward to Christmas.

So in true party season style, I’ve picked out my first sparkly dress, and this silver number is hot off the press from Marks and Spencer.

Its very fitting with still high quality fabric and tucks you in at all the right places (hello granny pants to keep you warm!) I love that it is a 50’s esque style and is a pencil dress so works perfect for a Christmas party or more intimate affair.

Below are some photos I shot at John and Jessie on Kensington Church Street. They are the most beautiful florist in West London and very close to Notting Hill Gate. I strongly recommend an outing and Jessie herself was extremely accommodating!

How are you getting into the party spirit so far? Would love to see your purchases and know of your plans! Xxx

Recently I had the pleasure of trying the new Fifi Chachnil 50’s playsuit which is adorned with the sweetest polka-dots. I love the Peter Pan collar with it whilst I think polka-dots are great for all seasons.

So here’s my round up of fall fashion in the best of 5- all in a polka-dot style and vintage inspired….Enjoy! Xxx

1- Fifi Chachnil

2- Hobbs

3- Topshop

4- Marks and Spencers

5- Derek Rose