This page is dedicated to all things parenthood. Yes you did here right. I am super excited to be a mummy in June 2018. Now I am no expert! Far from it! But maybe, just maybe you can relate to some of my rambling musings- from one female to another- blindly feeling their way in the dark. It will be a dash of mummy fashion (vintage yes please), tips, fun things to do and anything else I pick up along the way. Oh, and a little on mental health. I have suffered from anxiety at times in my life and parenthood I’m sure is going to be full of it’s challenges. But I do believe talking, discussion and bringing it into the open is good for all mothers. I hope you will enjoy my journey and maybe give me some tips yourself (please, I’ll need them!)

Vintage Style Maternity Wrap Dresses

Vintage Style Maternity Fashion

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