Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with Alison Jackson for the October Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine.

I thought I would tell you a little more about how it came about…

I heard there was a casting for a showgirl type character with Alison. I was always a fan of her work, seeing it in the media although I didn’t know what it was for at this point. I turned up at the casting in Chelsea feeling like maybe I shouldn’t be there- there were a lot of very tall thin girls who looked just wonderful to me! I felt the nagging voice in the back of my head (that we all get) but decided to stay seeing as I was there (and was excited to meet Alison;)

Meeting Alison was lovely as she explained about the project. It was for a showgirl character and I told her I had suitable attire underneath my dress! After a couple of photos, it was quickly over and I was delighted to hear I got it.

We shot at a beautiful White House type location with a Donald Trump look-a-like from LA who was his replica- it was quite funny talking to him! We shot a showgirl scene and I played a beautician- the se are the ones they used for Vanity Fair, the showgirl ones may arise at a later stage! It was a wonderful experience, totally different from my normal vintage style and the photos were shared on various news outlets, will definitely be looking out for more of Alison Jacksons fantastic work in the future.





                                imageThe leaves are turning brown, the air is getting cooler… But the outfits are definitely getting hotter!

I have always loved a good leopard skin- it started with wearing tiger print heels to school (the teachers did not appreciate I can’t see why) and it has evolved from there.

So imagine my delight when seeing Fifi Chachnils new collection consist of some rather kittenish leopard prints and the details are divine…the softest but warmest material, a flare on the skirt and a round collar, utterly divine!

Shot outside the historical Hazlitts on Frith Street, I had a ball- Have a beautiful Autumn!



Wow, I feel like I just turned around and the whole year has gone by! It’s almost September and yes, it is almost time to put away the summer clothes and get the wool, fur, velvet and well, anything warm out of the closet.

But I couldn’t resist a little end of summer soirée in my favourite place in the world, Notting Hill!

This beautiful lace overlay pastel blue dress is from Topshop, I couldn’t believe it as I haven’t been in there for two years! The shoes are from Chanel

I feel a little sad the summers over but I think it’s always important to make a list to keep you going in winter. My beat the winter blues list goes something like this…

1, Buy a winter coat followed by shoes, a diva notebook and pen (back to school stylee!)

2, Bake! I love healthy food so I like to make cakes without any wheat, dairy, sugar or naughtiness.

3, Dog Walking. I adore my sweet dog Dorothy, pictured here. She always instinctively knows my emotions and often acts like a cat, curled in a ball in my lap. I take her pretty much everywhere, even jobs!

4, Take stock of the year. I always have a things to do list that I look at throughout the year to see what’s happening and what I need to improve on. I may post the list here at the end of the year and I always write things that are challenging that I’ll have to go out of my comfort zone for. Some of my ideas came true, some of them I am still working on… And one big one that I have my fingers and toes crossed for which I will wait just a little longer and then the answer will be revealed (I can barely contain myself!)

5, Get creative. In the summer we’re so busy soaking up the sun (or chasing it) we forget our hobbies and in the winter it’s time to hibernate and make things, create things and get back to our darling hobbies.


Photos by Robert Noble of The Rebels Rulebook blog

I know, I know the summer is almost over, but we have a little bit of sunshine left and I’ll be damned if I’m putting away my shades just yet!
One of my main hobbies is reading (yes, I know I’m a granny) and so I felt it appropriate to include my favourite summer reads which have been keeping me company all season long.

I will also do a winter one too but we don’t need to think about any of that boring tittle-tattle yet!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, the weather has been delicious here in England.
Bisous xxx


The World According to Joan by Joan Collins

This book has a special place in my heart just for the pure one-liners! Joan tells it like it is but in the most elegant chic way of course. Her colourful career has seen her hit Hollywood and have a lasting effect, so her book of knowledgable, fun and sometimes quite frivolous tips will keep you entertained for hours. Viva La Joan!


Bad Girls Go Everywhere by Helen Gurley Brown

I have every single Helen Gurley Brown ever made and her words are the holy grail of divaness. Her first book Sex and the Single Girl tells one how to work it as you climb the career ladder (in heels naturally). But this book is a little later. She is married, settled, with a very successful career, yet her chapters still provide a wealth of information on fashion, dealing with perverts to dealing and how to get exactly the job you want. Naturally, I follow her rules step-by-step.


Amour and Amour, Amour and encore by Marie Claire Ville-Franche

This book is rather saucy I have to say! If you love Paris, naughtiness, showgirls with an air of mystique- get stuck in! I was actually reading this book last year, and it’s one that you can reread over and over again. Warning: May give you frequent bouts of hot flushes with all the boudoir scenes (oh la la!)


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This book is a great encyclopaedia of spirituality and looking beyond what the ego believes you are. We all have this constant train of thoughts which if we listen to can destroy us! It’s important to realise we’re just a speck filling our lives with various things, people, products, ideas- all to satisfy what? This book will tell you what! It talks about giving, trust, belief and going beyond the consciousness. Although it’s not a self-help book this book has helped me in every way lately!


In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

This book is set in the 1950s (my favourite era!) and follows the aftermath of three plane crashes, based on real life events. These happened in New Jersey in Blumes hometown when three planes crashed within the space of three months. A great journey of what a community was like in America in the 50’s.

Hello kittens!

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the Grace Belgravia Spa for The Lady Magazine. You can view the direct link here:

Or view my adventures below.

Have a beautiful week! Bisous xxx


As a fan of spas, products and basically anything beauty, I’ve often been told if I use this product or try that treatment my whole life will be transformed- if only there really was a miracle in a bottle! I also feel that it takes more than a lotion to have complete wellbeing and love to look for holistic alternatives.

So when I heard about Grace Belgravia, a women’s only spa that combines beauty, health and fitness I decided to see what their unique approach was and if it differed from other spas.

From the outside, it looks like a secret door, all shiny and black and I had no idea what lay inside. Imagine my delight when I discovered an 11’000 foot grade-two listed building with original artwork and the highest ceilings known to mankind (no wonder Daylesford based their headquarters there).

The staff are less stuffy and pro friendly which instantly put me at ease and my kind assistant even waited patiently whilst I stopped to gawp at all the décor! Indeed it is bright, classic and spacious giving the whole spa a relaxing, homely and healthy feeling about it.

As I had been sick last year I decided to book a consultation with a nutritionist. She immediately checked my diet and gave me some cleansing food advice along with further information about vitamin intake, directing an exact combination for my body type.

She also informed me of the spas other treatments. They basically do everything a girl could ever dream of! Vitamin infusions, massage, facials, dance lessons, Pilates, hydrotherapy, lasers and a menu free from gluten, diary and sugar- which I soon found out tastes like heaven!

Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 20.18.34

At Grace Belgravia their mantra is highly concentrated on ‘beauty from the inside’ so they also offer GP services, emotional wellbeing and acupuncture with the club’s intention to combine these in a sanctuary of quality.

I decided to have a full body massage as my busy week was coming to a close and I could feel weekend leisure mode coming on. As I entered the nicest smelling room and lay down amid fluffy towels all I could do was will myself not to fall asleep, it was irresistibly relaxing!

After my massage (which I just about managed to stay awake for) I tried the grilled peach and asparagus salad which I then washed down with a smoothie, a protein banana number infused with raw cacao that made me ready to face the day with gusto! Grace Belgravia, you have changed my mind about spas, I will be back!