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A Royal Day Out At Ascot


Hooray it’s that time of year again! Royal Ascot season is upon us and it’s millinery heaven. Few sporting venues can match the rich heritage and history of Ascot, which over the past 300 years has become an amazing show ground to parade the finest in hats.

Designers such as John Boyd, Philip Treacy and Awon Golding are high on the style sweepstakes whilst in between the champagne quaffing and betting, fashion takes centre stage.

It was my first ever visit to Ascot so I wasn’t sure quite what to take with me but really hoped the rain would hold off! Choosing my hat gave me a mild case of the jitters but thankfully Miss Golding came to the rescue. I particularly love that her hats are elegant, feminine with a couture twist and she showed me the best way the hat should sit on the head.

I decided to get the train to Ascot (you can’t beat good old Great Western) and arrived promptly at midday with a parade of bouquets, aptly worn on many ladies heads.

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For me the fun was all about people watching. I saw the most amazing creations on stunning women whilst I couldn’t wait to check out the catering (yes they even had a cheese on toast stand!)- all washed down with a glass of champagne naturally.
My favourite part of the day was seeing the vintage inspired band The Tootsie Rollers who wore complimentary outfits and Lulu Guinness clutch bags.

I also got chatting to a lovely old timer who’d been coming to the races for many years and gave me tips on who I should bid on- I decided to just watch him spend his money instead!

He also informed me that Royal Ascot has been a yearly event since 1711, after Queen Anne decided it was the best part of the land to gallop in. It has been a royal haven of delights since and is known as a valuable meeting place with high prize money and the worlds top racehorses on display.
There is of course the wonderful fact that you will be in great company, the queen started the progression by heralding in the Royal carriage. She looked a vision in yellow with matching hat and coat- I can’t wait to visit again, what a fantastic day!


New York is spoilt for choice with every type of restaurant a city full of 8 million people can dream of, but the 21 club is legendary by name, nature and it’s long lasting appeal.

Starting as a naughty speakeasy in the Prohibition era complete with invisible doors and secret tunnels for bottles of champagne to drop into people’s laps (glug!) it was promptly turned into a lavish restaurant which catered for all the stars including Marilyn, Humphrey, Ava and Frank.

Popular with young and old, presidents and city workers the 21 club runs ravage with tales of days gone by.

The club boasts a succulent cocktail list that if supped at the long oak bar is perfect as a magic movie moment whilst the ceiling is covered with extravagant toys (one donated by J.F Kennedy too!)

Outside there is a selection of jockeys in their finest bright colours of which I was informed by the manager are ‘priceless,’ and enjoying my post-shoot Manhattan at the bar afterwards, I felt that moment too was as priceless as a New York moment could be…




The allure of Coney Island has always been a hotspot of entertainment from the early century to the latter day with a particular popular time in the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. There is the yearly Miss Coney Island parade, the infamous hotdog eating competition and it is listed as The National Register of Historic Places.

I had a delicious time on the beach wearing my Fifi Chachnil pink play suit with matching bra as well as wandering along the promenade with some Nathan’s fries (bad puppy I know!) It was a beautiful sunny day so I had difficulties keeping my eyes open in the glare of the sun but I can’t complain as it was so beautiful!

I also love the way Coney Island has a goldenesque magic to it with its bright rides and streaming banners but you also get the feeling that she knows a faded secret or too- and behind the glitter and glamour there is something far more deeper than we will ever know…





I had an absolute blast this week at The Chelsea Hotel in New York with my darling girlfriends and the help of designer Fifi Chachnil. I have watched so many documentaries on the infamous hotel so was excited to have my own Chelsea experience and feel the electricity stirring through the corridors! Many a writer, artist, musician, model, photographer and actor have stayed or lived at the 23rd Street residence including Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas and Edie Sedgewick.

I got to meet and document the wonderful photographer Tony Notarberadino who has been shooting his surroundings for the last twenty two years (more on that soon!) We were quite naughty girls and even had our own rendezvous on the roof! I also found out the many changes The Chelsea is currently going through, bitter sweet but still beautiful in every way…


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P.S Here is my gorgeous friend Allex and baby Raphael…( I think I need to do a whole new post on them), they are two truly beautiful human beings and lucky to call her my friend…


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