I had an absolute blast this week at The Chelsea Hotel in New York with my darling girlfriends and the help of designer Fifi Chachnil. I have watched so many documentaries on the infamous hotel so was excited to have my own Chelsea experience and feel the electricity stirring through the corridors! Many a writer, artist, musician, model, photographer and actor have stayed or lived at the 23rd Street residence including Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas and Edie Sedgewick.

I got to meet and document the wonderful photographer Tony Notarberadino who has been shooting his surroundings for the last twenty two years (more on that soon!) We were quite naughty girls and even had our own rendezvous on the roof! I also found out the many changes The Chelsea is currently going through, bitter sweet but still beautiful in every way…


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P.S Here is my gorgeous friend Allex and baby Raphael…( I think I need to do a whole new post on them), they are two truly beautiful human beings and lucky to call her my friend…


Maguy De Chadirac is a Parisian designer who creates the most exquisite loungewear a girl could ever see!             Gorgeous on the outside and the inside, Maguy worked in Paris for Haute Couture houses such as Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Valentino.

Wearing her beautiful pieces one can’t help but be instantly transported into a golden era reminiscent of a seductive  vintage Hollywood movie. And besides… glamour never takes a holiday!


“I never say never and always say always.”

Grace Kelly


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done at all in this world.”

Lucille Ball


“I think we only live through our dreams and our imagination.”

Diana Vreeland


“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”

Sophia Loren


See the full collection at


What can be more delightful than visiting the historic Kensington Palace? With the aid of Alexander McQueen I had my own Princess Diaries moment at the delicious W8 location.

After all a princess is never late, everyone else is simply early…


‘I’m the heir apparent to the heir presumptive…’

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

‘The important thing is not what they think of me but what I think of them.’

Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg


‘Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.’

Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

‘Humility comes from understanding that the obstacles in front of you are not going to go away.’

Princess Sarah, Duchess of York


‘Only do what your heart tells you.’

Princess Diana

J’adore Claridges!

If anything is wrong, there’s always Claridges,

If everything is right, indeed Claridges.

I love to spend long hours reading a book with a sumptuous cake at afternoon tea, or visiting in the dead of night where  you can write in peace for hours in the most glamorous settings.

I love the pink champagne in Claridges!

They do the best rose in London… and their Espresso Martini’s are to die for.

But one of the hotel’s many perks is the most delicious breakfast, served in pastel mint and gold bone china. I had the vegetarian gluten free breakfast (naughty but nice), a mouthwateringly fabulous treat on a Bank Holiday Monday!





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Wearing; Le Palais Vintage


London is always a treasure trove of delights. Although I have lived in Notting Hill for some time now, there is always new places to discover around the city.

Just waking up, you can feel the vibrancy, meet the most interesting people right on your door step and the culture never ceases to amaze me.

I love to think of each new day as an adventure and opportunity can be found everywhere in London- it never goes out of fashion!

“If your tired of London, your tired of life.”

6.45 AM

Portobello Road

I know it’s a little naughty but I always wake up with Dorothy and she sleeps curled up in the bed beside me! She always yawns which makes me laugh… she is such a fun and characterful little darling. I love to get up early and seize the day!



Hyde Park

I always think some exercise is a good idea to make me feel awake and ready for the day. Hyde Park is particularly beautiful at all times of year, even in the winter. The colour of the trees turning different colours, the swans, lakes and ambience as well as Kensington Palace- you can never feel bored in Hyde Park!



Notting Hill

I love to start the day with a coffee (or two) with a catch up on emails. Then a quick flick of a magazine, the fashion and interviews are always inspiring. Being self-employed it could be assumed it’s a total doss, but you have to keep motivated and work double as hard (often into the night) but the rewards far outweigh it.

2016-02-24 13.33.34


Burlington Arcade

If I’m not on a shoot, castings or writing I normally spend the morning writing and working. Then it would be rude not to have a quick stroll down the Burlington Arcade and have a little nosy in Fortnums and Mason! It’s the nearest you can get to heaven (and not far away in Piccadilly Circus). I enjoy looking at the displays of sumptuous sweets and sometimes take a little bag home, with Dorothy’s approval of course. Watch out for Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason come out of the clock tower where they greet each in a twirly tea time dance!







2016-02-24 16.21.36


Claridges, Brook Street

After a light lunch it’s time for some writing. I always feel if you are in beautiful surroundings it helps the work immensely (any excuse!) Claridges is lovely as you can have a light afternoon tea and you see the most wonderful of characters coming and going- artists, directors and the occasional fabulous actress.



2016-02-24 17.13.53


Royal Academy, Piccadilly

I always love to make time for some culture and indulge in art- at 4 o’ clock it is less busy and the Royal Academy always has interesting exhibitions all year round. Luckily today London had some sun so it is perfect to stroll around.

Royal1royal 3


Selfridges, Oxford Street

After a little more work and a quick change of outfit- it’s time to see what the night beholds! London always has such fun events, parties and launches. Tonight I attended The Rake Magazine’s new edition launch in collaboration with Ralph Lauren- a little fizz, a lot of clothes and a hob nob with divas, dappers and other creatives is the perfect end to another beautiful day in London.


Outfit Details

Pyjamas- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley @ M&S

Running Crop top and Pants- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley @ M&S

Trainers- New Balance

Day Dress- Vintage Dior

Shoes- Rupert Sanderson

Evening Dress- Flamingo Vintage, L.A

Photography courtesy of H. Milton