Sometimes in life it’s good to be impromptu! Last night I was feeling just that with a sudden urge to go to Kenwood House at 7pm. So I hopped in the car and drove up to Hampstead just a few miles away. On arrival my breath was taken away!

Lush green grass and dramatic trees swept across the landscape, a beautiful orangery to one side and Kenwood House is simply stunning, built originally as a 17th century country manor. It was built in early 17th century for Lord Mansfield and since then has had many princes, lord, ladies, countesses that have resided in this beautiful home. It has a spectacular library and orangery (built to coincide with each other) and features an old dairy on site and the most beautiful cottages too. The gardens are delightful and feature sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Eugène Dodeigne in the gardens near the house

I wore a 1940s hat which has a Chinese flare to it – I looked quite funny driving in it I have to say! I teamed this with a Taylor dress from (would you believe it) TK Max in Truro! I love the crepe like feel of it with the bias cut and flared sleeves, it reminds me of the late 30’s early 40’s attire and is perfect as a summer party piece and as an easy to wear addition.

If you get the chance I highly recommend a beautiful walk at Kenwood House, it really is just darling! Xxx


This Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Mayfields Lavender Farm – with models Lucy Layton and Tamsin January. What a beautiful place ! The smell is divine and the purple hues across 25 acres of fields is enough to send you into heaven.

I decided to wear all Marks and Spencers – some of my posts have included M&S before and I am absolutely obsessed with the brand! I love it because it is a classic english brand, the quality of the clothes are second to none and they are fit for all ages, shapes and sizes.

This particular dress is vintage inspired. I love the flare of the skirt, the floral print and the tie-ups on the shoulders. It also has the sweetest buttons at the front and I love that it can work with flats, heels, as a going out piece or a summers day frolic (pref with a Pimms in hand 😉 )

Mayfields Lavender farm is based in Banstead, not too far from London and is a family run affair. It is open all summer up until August and is perfect for photos, relaxation and tranquil peace.

Also can we just talk about the gift shop- er, hello! It had everything from lavender oils to soaps to fudge- notice the fudge as it came very in handy to have at the end of the day shooting! Although the shooting itself was very relaxing and even the weather turned out good in the end (you never can tell in England!)

Until next time xxx


It’s summer, and if your anything like me you prefer to spend more time basking and less time prepping! Thats why this vintage do is perfect for the lazy person and involves a clip and a simple ribbon of your choice.

Back comb the roots of fringe slightly and curl around with clip. Then loosely tie to one side with ribbon or even a higher ponytail at the back- ouila!

I wish there was a longer description but its so easy to do there isn’t!

P.S This dress is from (would you believe it) Topshop? Love the cute little flowers on it and embroidery detail, I always find high street shops that have a boutique section (which is where this is from) can have some very high quality vintage style pieces… at just the right price!






The summer is in full swing! And in England we are trying our best to get very sunny and bright. Last week we had a rather delicious heat wave (which was just so LA in temperature!) and so I felt it quite apt that I review my favourite swimming costume of the summer, by the one and only Pinup Girl brand in LA.

I love the silhouettes of the 1950s, the allure of curves that they so openly celebrated and I’m glad to see this has come back. So sit back, grab an iced coffee and enjoy my review of the perfect pinup swimwear…


Pinup Girl uses double layering in their material so it is fully lined with extra ruching around the bust, waist and hips. This hugs the curves in all the right places whilst the halter strap is made of thick sturdy material for ladies who have bigger busts.


I love how it has a little skirtesque style to it, which gives a curve look. It also means you can eat and not have to hold your stomach in which is very flattering (also good as when I was in LA I was eating a bit more food than I normally do- naughty I know but I couldn’t resist those diners!)

The top also has a bandeau style to it which is very sporting of the 1950’s swimwear. I like that Pinup Girl have emulated the classic Hollywood glamour of days gone by and with the ruching, halterneck and curve style it fits well.


I actually wore this swimsuit a lot in LA! I lounged on the beach with frappucinos and even went dog walking in it. It was super comfy and I felt like it was not too tight in any areas but still figure hugging at the same time. You can tighten the straps also depending on the look you want to achieve.


O.k so apart from the obvious, this swimsuit can be used in various ways instead of just swimming. I wore mine with a pencil skirt and heels on a night out, with a white shirt tied up for breakfast on the beach in Malibu and also for lounging by hotel pool sides (there are so many around town, the Peninsula and Beverly Hills are my favourite).

I hope you enjoy these photos of by gone days and 50’s swimwear- have a beautiful summer where ever you are xxx



Photos by Brian Anderson at his home in Malibu (it was beautiful there!)

IMG_4993 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996



There is nothing better in life than visiting the one and only Fortnum and Mason (very tempting to say Fortnum’s and Mason’s but apparently that’s not the correct way as I was informed!)

There’s something about entering the doors with the two suited footmen holding candlesticks, the array of freshly made confectionary and the rows upon rows of deliciously boxed champagne.

I love to visit the Icecream Parlour for a vegan milkshake (it’s so good – you must try the salted caramel) and then wondering around looking at the face creams and tea cups sends me into heaven.


Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason met in 1705 when Mr Fortnum rented a room in his house. William Fortnum who was quite the entrepreneur and even had a stint as a footman for Queen Anne, had the ingenious idea for selling Queen Anne’s half used candle wax, at a profit, which then paved the way for the beginning of a respectable business. The rest, as they say, is grocery.

In 1738 with all the travellers heading west and their shop established in Duke Street they decided to capatilise on the food surge. Coming up with numerous ideas, Mr Fortnum & his staff developed the smart idea of wrapping a hard-boiled egg in sausage meat and coating it in fried breadcrumbs, the world’s first Scotch Egg. Tasty, filling and portable, it proved to be just as popular then as it is today.


After this Fortnum and Mason fully developed their grocery side with fresh meats, fish, vegetables, sauces, cheese, bakery goods and a manner of other unique foods all with the high quality stamp of approval from her majesty the queen.


Below are a couple of photos and video from my last visit, wearing a 40’s style tie front top from Zara – I fully recommend Fortnum and Mason for a day or evening of indulgence and relaxation.


IMG_4898 IMG_4899