Theres nothing like the beauty of springtime, especially in somewhere as beautiful as Cornwall.

Fast forward a few weeks from the crazy world of L.A (which if I’m honest I found very hard to adjust to) and I’m so happy to be back home with all my loved ones.

I am currently in Cornwall and loving every minute of it! I have been eating home made pasties (naughty I know), going for long walks in fields of bluebells and I even went to a local horse race yesterday!

Naturally I wanted to compliment this relaxed country theme by wearing something comfortable but pretty- welcome Laura Ashley’s summer collection.

In various floral prints and sweet chintz their current range of dresses, blouses and skirts are stunning. They also look quite vintage and are made of the most beautiful cotton and chiffons. Here are some photos of my favourite, the halter swirl dress- it even has deep pockets which come very in handy!


IMG_4878IMG_4883IMG_4882IMG_4881 IMG_4884



Ellen von unwerth is the queen. Fact. I have always had a soft spot for glamour. There’s something alluring about the tease and the enticement of femininity. And Ellen’s photos ooze all that and more.
The first time I saw ellen Von Unwerths work was in a Milan airport advertising a lingerie shop . Indeed the advertisement oozed so much popping beauty I instantly went in to the store determined to acquire some of this lingerie. To my dismay the garments were a little on the polyester paradise side but I was instantly sold on Ellen and her work.
So imagine my delight and surprise when I heard of the launch of her new book and exhibiton at Taschen. I immediately whipped down in an Uber and was in instant heaven.

Here are my top 5 reasons to see this iconic photographers work now.

1. Sauce. No I’m not talking about sludges of toffee fudge or extra strawberry. I’m talking about the pure beauty of the naked form. She brings out the exquisitely feminine and even though there is nakedness on display it is tasteful, and done with a storyline in mind. Which brings me to my next one.

2. Narrative. Whether is a maid with a red glossy pout or girls in lederhosen having fun, her work always has an amazing storyline, with many threads running throughout the series.

3. Innuendos. Who doesn’t love a suggestive sausage or a peek of naughty stockings?
Her images are always sleek and chic whilst being totally playful and fun at the same time.

4. She was a model and knows how to make her girls look good! She always captures her subjects in their best light, highlighting their best features and

5. Her exhibition is also an accumulation of a book. Ellen’s exhibiton takes a long time to curate, hence the beauty, playful diversity, feminine narrative that makes all of the images in the exhibiton acutely definitive of her work. But if you can’t make the exhibition you can also purchase her new book


Image a place where beauty and glamour go side by side all with  beautiful pastel themed rooms full of makeup, mirrors and vintage memorabilia- enter the Max Factor museum!

I had the pleasure of viewing this historic museum at Hollywood and Highland and it did not disappoint!

Hollywood’s ‘make up king’, Max Factor, was considered the father of modern “make-up”. Born in Poland, Max Factor became the beautician/make-up artist to many famous Hollywood stars including Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis.

He also invented the makeup we love and trust today, whilst creating total style makeovers for the stars of Hollywood.

It took nine years to restore the Max Factor Building to its original grandeur and The Hollywood Museum opened in 2003. Back in all its glory was the lobby, an art deco gem— with its white and rose-colored oasis of lavish marble, re-created historical chandeliers, pastel hues, antique furniture, trompe l’oeil, faux finishes with 22kt. gold and silver leafing.

I took my dog Dorothy and imagine my surprise when we found the ruby slippers in all their glory! I tried to show Dorothy but dont think she cares too much for that sort of thing.

This is the kind of Hollywood memorabilia I love to see. Costumes, photos, behind the scenes products, maquillage and famous jewels from our favourite classical movies, it really was too much for my eyes!

IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4748 IMG_4749


Annette - spring

Annette – spring

Annette - spring

Annette – spring

Annette - spring

Annette – spring

The sun is officially shining, the days are getting warmer and lately I’ve been in the mood for a vintage inspired summer dress to start dressing up in.
So imagine my sheer delight when Bombshell HQ released their new summer collection of Liberty print dresses just perfect for frolicking footloose and fancy free!

Arthur Liberty who founded the famous London Liberty store has deep roots in the making of fabric. He started at East India House in 1875 importing fabrics and then began designing his own which were the basis of his store.
The miniature floral, paisley and abstract prints were an instant hit and it’s exciting that Katya Wildman of Bombshell includes them in her range as well as stunning other colours.

Her designs are feminine, glamorous, classic and elegant with a firm nod to the 1950’s. And I feel I am definitely a Bombshell girl!

I love how you can eat a huge dinner with these dresses and still look fabulous as they encentuate the waist, are more free in the hips and have an hour glass silhouette to them!
The colours, texture, style and feel are all of the highest quality and I love how you can wear them in the daytime or evening.

Here are some shots in Los Angeles this week, taken by photographer Lecachacs.
I think Bombshell works perfectly in classic England or vintage Hollywood!

Until next time xxxx