As a child I remember my Italian grandmother in full matching garb. Hat and handbag with the same coloured coat was always necessary for a woman to look elegant and chic. I also noticed as I grew up other woman following suit- especially vintage characters from films.

Margharet Thatcher, Ava Gardner and even Her Majesty the Queen loves a colourful matching handbag and shoes (and why the hell not?!) It’s a classic style which looks effortlessly chic.

Here is my vintage matchy matchy look of the week, a 1950’s Horrockses playsuit with headscarf and slip on mules by C-Label from Pinup Girl in Burbank. Teamed with a pair of vintage oversized Audrey Hepburn style glasses and I’m good to go!




P.S Don’t you just love this pink wall I found along Melrose Avenue? Below are also some other ways to way matchy matchy in a vintage style that suits your needs- enjoy!



IMG_4702  IMG_4704 IMG_4705IMG_4706


O.K quick, its hot, I need iced coffee on tap, plus a cabana, plus an umbrella, plus a sun shade- help!

L.A starts off quite cold for an early riser like me (7am hike anyone?) but swiftly turns into a sludgy melting pot of sweatiness.

Which is why roof top pools are your new best friend to hide out in in and vintage inspired ones even better! But alas, some in L.A do not allow non-guests up so heres my round up of ones that do and the conditions that lie with it….Enjoy! Xxx


1) Peninsula Beverly Hills

I love this place! It has an old school afternoon tea restaurant on the ground floor (The Belvedere) and you can take your doggie up to the top deck for some sunning and delicious healthy food, As long as your buying food or drink you can go up to the pool- plus free wifi and the best view in town- Result!

2) Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is classic vintage extravaganza and the pool is just divine. But you have to buy $25 of food to go up there, so go hungry and relax as you dine on the roof.

3) Farmers daughter Hotel

The farmers daughter hotel allows anyone to go- they even have a funny little rule, if you jump in the pool with your clothes and shoes on you can have your meal half price- tempting on a really hot day I have to say!

4) The Avalon Hotel

It doesn’t get more vintage than the Avalon. Located at the corner of Beverly Drive it is pure retro glam. Don a 1950’s swimsuit and cat eye glasses and you really will fit in with the decor!

5) The Beverly Hills Hotel

O.K so not strictly rooftop but whos looking at that when the hotel behind you is completely pastel pink dreaminess! The cocktails also come in vintage style glasses and with the sun umbrellas also being a tinge of pink you’ll be seeing the world through rose tinted spectacles where ever you look!


A moment in Manhattan- or to be precise Tiffany and Co on 5th Avenue! I decided to stop in New York on my way to L.A to give little Dorothy a break and to see some of my beautiful friends who are all equally as magical.

We drank coffee, walked in Central Park, made yummy home made spaghetti and talked about our dreams – I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days!

Of course it was quite cold and when it got super windy I didn’t even subject little Dorothy to walking around in that icy breeze! Luckily I was staying on Central Park South- one of my favourite areas in Manhattan where everything is within easy access and commutable – how I loved walking to Times Square and showing Dorothy the bright lights!

What escapades do you have planned this year? I hope you will have many prosperous adventures xxx A xxx




When people talk about change they often think of it as a bad thing. ‘You’ve changed, they’ve changed,’ and it doesnt always have positive connotations. But as its the beginning of a new year (and its always tempting to do this at the beginning of January) I have decided to embrace all change, and keep it going all year round!

The first change started with getting rid of a lot of my possessions. I have so much ‘stuff’ and throwing, giving, selling has become the focal point for me for the last 2 weeks. It felt good to give things to my friends- jewellery, books, vintage items- anything I thought they would like. I sold a few designer pieces and gave 8 binbags to the charity shop! Wowsa! I also threw away 5 bin bags- it was all broken things, scribblings on papers, broken pictures I never fixed- you get the picture 😉

My next change has started with myself. I am always passionate about listening to ones own body and mind which always tells you the truth, so yoga, Pilates and meditation has been on my hit list. That way I can focus on the projects I am currently doing and work towards them in a positive energetic way.

And this goes onto my last change of all, I am going somewhere new! I am going to do a whole blog on this soon, as it has been somewhat of a momentous journey but first of all below are my favourite quotes about change and why they are good.

P.S The picture above was taken in minus-1 in Hyde Park in one of my favourite 1950s shelf busters in mint- it was bloody freezing and we had to run and hibernate in a cafe immediately after but you have to suffer for your art!

Quotes on Change

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards,” Abraham Lincoln

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new,” Socrates

“She loves the smell of coffee, fresh roses and new beginnings,” Sonia Azalia

“Do one thing a day that scares you,” Eleanor Roosevelt









It’s a little bit busy over at ABK Hq at the moment and there are most certainly not enough hours in the day! But I will be sharing some great news with you soon (I know, I know I’ve been saying that for ages but literally its all systems a-go-go now 😉

So I couldn’t resist to have a little treat and visit the Rosewood Hotel for afternoon tea with my new Hermes scarf. I particularly love the prints of Hermes, very Parisian, very ladylike and always with the most colourful patterns- heaven!

After recently reading that before Audrey Hepburn was an actress, whilst working in cabaret clubs in Piccadilly, she had only one fine possession to her name- a silk scarf which she could aptly tie 17 ways!

I couldn’t manage quite as many but I did give three a go…. Here are my favourites that work perfect for this January weather…

The Classic Audrey

Taken from the diva herself, she used to wear her scarf in this way often. Works great if you have pincurls setting underneath or its windy. Some people call it granny, I call it tres tres chic!



Hello Sailor!

This is a classic nautical look with a dash of Sloane, a simple V shape at the back by doubling up the scarf and knotted at the front, perfect if your wearing a plain top as I am and need a dash of vibrancy.


Tie Side Glamour

This is super easy and can be worn with a coat for a day or night look. Just tie and go!