One doesn’t normally associates an afternoon cup of tea as a party but when visiting the Rare tea launch there was definitely the spirit of celebration.

After arriving at the utterly charming Claridges we ascended in officially the oldest lift in London, and were welcomed with Christmas music and spiced chai tea infused with rum- Hello early Christmas!

Rare Tea is the brainchild of Henrietta Lovell who started the brand in 2004 and supplies the world’s best restaurants and hotels, including the ever-glamorous Claridges.
The company focuses on quality and ethics, trading with farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

Henrietta also showed us her bespoke tea sets in which she collaborates with Stoke on Trent potteries and ceramic artisans. I loved the names of the teas like Speedy Breakfast, Sporttea, Sunset Oolong, Matcha Made in Heaven and Henrietta herself is known as the Rare Tea Lady (quite envious that her title is actually a Lady!)

The launch was set in a suite, which was just as friendly and warm as the tea. I was joined by dancer, Miss Betsy Rose, who was asked by an affable chap that as she was a dancer if she could perhaps do a merry jig, but with all the cake on offer we decided to concentrate on that instead. As it was in a suite I had worn a vintage dressing gown, which looks like a silk dress. I kept whispering to Betsy that I hoped no one could tell that it was secretly nightwear. With all the many biscuits, Christmas cake and Panettone on offer, I don’t think anyone noticed!

After they filled my cup with more chai tea and Betsy and I mingled with a few more tea-obsessed people we exited Claridges, armed with a lovely tin of goodies that Henrietta gifted us. We were thrilled to be descending back in the oldest lift in London and our lovely lift conductor didn’t even mind us giving him our own rendition of Noel Noel (sorry about that).

From now on I am definitely going to recreate the Christmas atmosphere at home, and yes, it may include a dash of rum!


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Currently it’s all about that L.A life! I have been spending my time in the States lately and what fun it is! O.K so London will always have my heart but when opportunity knocks I have been discovering new things in ways I had not expected. As I like to say, let the universe provide and the rest will be taken care of…

But enough psychology! I have had a ball in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica! A lot of my friends now live in L.A so I’m never alone and I love the diversity and stories (some of them pretty out there) of how people made their way to L.A.

I will keep you posted but here’s some photos in and around L.A in the last week…

American Kisses



I adore New York at any time of year- but the crisp freshness of early winter is divine. I had a lovely time with my friends in central park (see below photo of the girlies) and spent time eating, visiting the spa, walking, discovering and er, taking quite a few Uber’s.

My friend of West Village WASP is working with a wine company so we shot an amazing video (I will post it soon!) We did get into a fountain in Central Park for it (bad puppies) and I hope that the Salvatore Ferragamo boots lived to tell the tale- see pouring water below!

I love the energy that New York has and there is even scientific evidence that being in different climates can heal parts of the body and trigger parts of the brain related to biofield.

Well, I felt amazing afterwards! And I always think spontaneous, exciting and alternative travel plans are so refreshing.

Hope you are having a lovely winter wherever you are and gearing up for a beautiful Christmas.

Love Annette xxx

Coats- JC Crew

Polo neck and skirt- Marks and Spencer

Shades- Tom Ford

Bag- Chanel

Boots- Salvatore Ferragamo








Sometimes in life we all need a little country getaway- some sweet breeze, open space and homely food. Last weekend I was in the mood for just that so went to my parents, who live in a lovely village near Devizes in Wiltshire.

As I was brought up in Devon I am used to the only sound in the morning being of birds tweeting and the noise from the long shores, so feel lucky to have grown up in such a tranquil land.

This visit was particularly special. My mum went to all the local farms and cooked me my favourite meals, we went for long dog walks, baked cakes (wheat free of course) and cosied up by the fire watching vintage films- Thank goodness for creature comforts!
We also visited a sweet village called Froome which is a secret creative haven, full of beautiful vintage stores, art gallery’s and cobbled streets.

I went back to London refreshed, recharged and full of delicious food! Having a get away gives you space for clarity, a time to be at one with nature whilst enjoying the peacefulness that the countryside brings- I shall be having more of these I think 😉

Love Annette xxx

PS My dad took these photos! Oh my god! He’d had a couple of glasses of red and insisted he used to be an ‘amazing’ photographer.
‘Are you sure?’ I queried, slightly sceptical of such a brazen statement.
‘I swear,’ he said. ‘I used to be a brilliant photographer back in the day’- well, they turned out pretty good! These photos I’m proud to say were taken by my dad, and now my friends want him to do theirs too, lol- He has a new career!
He also said ‘he’s happy to come to London and do more.’ As I love to say, ‘You can’t make it up.’

Coat- Harris Tweed

Cardigan- Monsoon

Trousers- Marks and spencer

Beret- Brora





O.K, O.K- I know its only October but I’m already preparing for winterness glory (check out last weeks new coat bonanza)- So it seemed only fitting to get my party frock on… Alas, all I need to do now is go to the ball!

This little number is gothic couture inspiration from… (would you believe it) Topshop! It also nips in at the waist, has a full flair skirt and I love the lace and off the shoulder detail.

It’s good for Halloween, maybe a play or two and of course all those Christmas do’s- yes I’m totally and utterly ready for party dress season!

Shot in Holland Park with the two diva doggies Wallace and Dorothy 😉





Dress; Topshop

Shoes; Rupert Sanderson

Earrings; Butler and Wilson