I have decided to start a few new musings titled, The Mummy Diaries, I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your views, opinions and feedback! #GoWithTheFlow

In my birthing pregnancy class, which I attended back in May, the teacher started talking about emotions and birth and more about the emotions. Now, I’m not cynical and I agree the emotions and birth are super important but I would say there are 3 things that are going to happen when you have a baby.

  1. Your waters will break or they’ll make them break.
  2. You will have contractions, it will hurt like hell.
  3. Baby will come out- Ouila!

After my C-section which I found wonderful (pushing a near 10-pound baby out? Ouch, ouch and more ouch) a nurse came into my cubicle. She asked me ‘Did I need counselling because I felt guilty?’

Guilty for what? The Cesarean? Are you kidding me? I was literally jumping for joy! A quick fabulous procedure with zero pain? I couldn’t have wished for anything better! (For the record I did try the normal way for 12 hours but I wouldn’t dilate and so it was fine for me).

But anyway this is the sort of thing they talked about in birthing class. I think it’s important the baby comes out in a healthy way and no amount of planning will change that. I just went to the birthing classes for ‘a laugh.’ Literally, I did. The characters in them were super funny. There was nervous gardener. No holds barred outspoken Londoner. Careful couple who wrote down everything the teacher said. The list goes on!

One day I said ‘Isn’t it amazing how women have been doing this for centuries around the back of a hut, or in their bedroom, but now it seems every little detail is looked at?’ (Always my problem in school for saying what I thought but couldn’t resist). The midwife looked shocked. ‘But people used to die more back then!’

O.K that’s understandable but you can’t plan a birth when you really don’t know if it will go exactly to plan, so maybe a loose plan is better? And so she would ask every week, ‘what’s your birthing plan?’

‘For the baby to come out,’ was my naughty reply.

Which leads me onto my next bit. I must admit that when I brought Baby Felix home I googled all the bloody time. Why is his sleep like this? His feedings. How to do this and that. Then I realised, it’s all gone to shit and to just go with the flow.

Yes, most of the time he sleeps through the night like an angel. Then other times he wants to get up at 2am. But you go online and it’s a crazy mummy rollercoaster that you can’t get off.

Sleep training. Should you rock them? Put them in the cot awake. Don’t let them nap in the pram. Be strict but not too strict. Get them used to sleeping out and about. Sleeping should be dark but they should be able to sleep anywhere. Don’t feed them then let them sleep. If you need them to sleep, feed them. Etc! Etc!

I’ve realised instead of planning, go with the flow- every day is different. What will be will be. You are only doing your best! There are going to be the days you feel like crap and nothing goes to plan (I often find this is when the baby is having a bad day then everything else just goes wrong). Enjoy each part of the baby as they will constantly get new associations, developments and challenges. Yes, it’s good to read up and try things and books can be very interesting but it’s important to make it work around your life and schedule. All you can do is try and see what works for you. Also make sure you have a break every now and then, even if that feels like you have a million and one things to do, the cleaning can always wait until later. The End!

By Annette Kellow

As featured at The Lady Magazine


We all know food fads come and go but there is one quintessentially English past time that has always been a firm favourite of the nation- The indulgence of afternoon tea! In celebration of National Afternoon Tea Week I ventured down to The London Silver Vaults for a special silverware tour followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea at The Savoy.

The Silver Vaults is officially London’s best kept secret and is home to the largest retail collection of fine antique and contemporary silver in the world since 1876 – My eyes quite literally popped out of my head on seeing the most exquisite and rare silver items which all pass a very strict test to gain their place in The Vaults. Many of the families that run the exclusive luxury stores have been there for decades and it is often a family trade that is passed through generations. Some items were dating back hundreds of years and I particularly loved the vintage silver brush sets, mirrors and makeup holders whilst they are home to the biggest collection of silver animals in the world! The Vaults remain a true hidden gem; and it is not surprising that it is well-loved by international royalty, film stars and discerning shoppers seeking the world’s finest silver. These include The Earl of Snowdon, Anthony Hopkins, Gregory Peck and Twiggy. Not to mention all the silver props for Downton Abbey and Pirates of The Caribbean, which were loaned from The Vaults. I particularly love how secret the establishment is, set in a side street near Holborn whilst there are huge doors and a mastermind of corridors all leading to lovely stores of the finest silverware.

Next we were whisked off to The Savoy Hotel– known as the first luxury hotel in Britain of which they serve a classic afternoon tea- as English as you can get!

If you are not familiar with The Savoy it is London’s leading hotel in finery- from the grand fountain that welcomes you to the beautiful flower displays and opulent furnishings inside, you really feel you are experiencing the epitome of luxury. On entering the Thames Foyer you are greeted with a magnificent glass domed atrium at the heart of The Savoy: an enchanting space that radiates natural light and sociable warmth.

Our afternoon tea started with a vintage tea display direct from the London Silver Vaults and a glass of their best champagne. Their tea list is quite extensive but they have a knowledgeable waiter on hand to recommend the best for your pallet whilst the display of sandwiches that they brought out were so well arranged they looked almost (I did say almost!) too good to eat.

As we were serenaded by a live pianist the cakes arrived set in beautiful bone china tiers. Imagine scones, jam, cream, cakes, macarons and miniature pastries all laid out for you to take your pick- it was definitely time to forget the waistline and indulge!

The ambience of The Savoy is enough to make you feel you are indeed starring in a 1940s vintage film whilst the selection of food is so Instagram worthy you will enjoy capturing every delicious moment. Tea, cake and of course, a dash of champagne is the perfect addition to enjoy any afternoon with relaxation- and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week.

The ‘Tea Triangle Experience’ has been created to celebrate the city’s rich silver and tea heritage and includes a tour at tea devotee, Dr Johnsons House, The London Silver Vaults and an afternoon tea at The Savoy.

To book, email The London Silver Vaults quoting ‘tea triangle’ (enquiry@silvervaultslondon.com). Entry to The Vaults and Dr Johnson’s House is free, but there is a cost attached to the tea at The Savoy – afternoon tea menu starts at £65 per person.

Early this week I had the pleasure of attending Anna Williamson’s book launch for Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insiders Guide to Parenting Anxiety at the highly exquisite Devonshire Club.

I was there to hear all about the making of the book and some of the topics it covered. There were quite a few young mum and dad’s, experienced ones, new one’s and a few pregnant ladies too so I definitely did not feel alone!

I often can feel quite nervous walking into somewhere on my own but was lucky I met a lovely young woman, Kim, from the Telegraph who gave me a load of baby/parenting tips having had her own a year and a half ago- phew! There were also some other lovely ladies I spoke with and of course I was excited to hear what Anna’s book was all about!

The Devonshire Club were the perfect hosts with delicious canapes, champagne and mocktails for the preggo ladies like me 😉

The book covers so many topics from ‘I’m struggling to love my baby’ to ‘I miss my old life.’ It’s like a therapist in your pocket with contributions by Dr Reeta Newell so it has a medical approach as well as practical advice with ways to cope with low anxiety, low mood and stress.

I can totally relate to this as being pregnant I have absolutely loved the feeling (like to the point I think I could burst with happiness and joy!) but then I get super emotional and have an anxiety attack- how weird is that eh?! I can’t just blame the hormones but I guess it is a whole kaleidoscope of things and learning as I go along (is there a baby school? Please send me now).

Anna Williamson has already written Breaking Mad: An Insiders Guide to Conquering Anxiety and is a life coach, counsellor and Master NLP practitioner so has a wealth of experience. She is also an Ambassador for Mind, Childline and The Princes Trust (as well as a tv presenter and broadcaster!) and I’m so excited to get stuck into this book and hopefully pass on a few tips in later blog posts.

Breaking Mum and Dad is a little pocket guide of empathy, sympathy and above all, hope. And we all need a little bit of that sometimes, don’t we?!