A Quintessentially English Affair

It’s not often you see a natural meadow these days but when you do it is a sight to behold. This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my mummy in the Wiltshire countryside (and my daddy too!) so I made the most of it with long walks, fresh farm food and a lovely visit to Frome, a sleepy but very artistic town full of vintage stores and exquisite items!

My mum explained that the town has many hand-crafted stores, and I simply couldn’t get enough (I posted some videos on my Instagram of the beauties!) and we spent hours pottering around and eating locally sourced salads and tea. There is nothing like spending good quality time with your family and appreciating the small pleasures in life, being in London can be so busy so walking through the locks and meadows is very tranquil and calming.

When I found the meadow of buttercups I couldn’t resist taking some photos, wearing Topshop pink check trousers and Fifi Chachnil angora cardigan (my favourite!)

I would love to hear what your plans for relaxing are now the nights are getting longer, lighter and brighter, A xxx



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