Darling Summer Reads…Just For You

I know, I know the summer is almost over, but we have a little bit of sunshine left and I’ll be damned if I’m putting away my shades just yet!
One of my main hobbies is reading (yes, I know I’m a granny) and so I felt it appropriate to include my favourite summer reads which have been keeping me company all season long.

I will also do a winter one too but we don’t need to think about any of that boring tittle-tattle yet!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, the weather has been delicious here in England.
Bisous xxx


The World According to Joan by Joan Collins

This book has a special place in my heart just for the pure one-liners! Joan tells it like it is but in the most elegant chic way of course. Her colourful career has seen her hit Hollywood and have a lasting effect, so her book of knowledgable, fun and sometimes quite frivolous tips will keep you entertained for hours. Viva La Joan!


Bad Girls Go Everywhere by Helen Gurley Brown

I have every single Helen Gurley Brown ever made and her words are the holy grail of divaness. Her first book Sex and the Single Girl tells one how to work it as you climb the career ladder (in heels naturally). But this book is a little later. She is married, settled, with a very successful career, yet her chapters still provide a wealth of information on fashion, dealing with perverts to dealing and how to get exactly the job you want. Naturally, I follow her rules step-by-step.


Amour and Amour, Amour and encore by Marie Claire Ville-Franche

This book is rather saucy I have to say! If you love Paris, naughtiness, showgirls with an air of mystique- get stuck in! I was actually reading this book last year, and it’s one that you can reread over and over again. Warning: May give you frequent bouts of hot flushes with all the boudoir scenes (oh la la!)


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This book is a great encyclopaedia of spirituality and looking beyond what the ego believes you are. We all have this constant train of thoughts which if we listen to can destroy us! It’s important to realise we’re just a speck filling our lives with various things, people, products, ideas- all to satisfy what? This book will tell you what! It talks about giving, trust, belief and going beyond the consciousness. Although it’s not a self-help book this book has helped me in every way lately!


In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

This book is set in the 1950s (my favourite era!) and follows the aftermath of three plane crashes, based on real life events. These happened in New Jersey in Blumes hometown when three planes crashed within the space of three months. A great journey of what a community was like in America in the 50’s.


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