The Beauty of Change


When people talk about change they often think of it as a bad thing. ‘You’ve changed, they’ve changed,’ and it doesnt always have positive connotations. But as its the beginning of a new year (and its always tempting to do this at the beginning of January) I have decided to embrace all change, and keep it going all year round!

The first change started with getting rid of a lot of my possessions. I have so much ‘stuff’ and throwing, giving, selling has become the focal point for me for the last 2 weeks. It felt good to give things to my friends- jewellery, books, vintage items- anything I thought they would like. I sold a few designer pieces and gave 8 binbags to the charity shop! Wowsa! I also threw away 5 bin bags- it was all broken things, scribblings on papers, broken pictures I never fixed- you get the picture 😉

My next change has started with myself. I am always passionate about listening to ones own body and mind which always tells you the truth, so yoga, Pilates and meditation has been on my hit list. That way I can focus on the projects I am currently doing and work towards them in a positive energetic way.

And this goes onto my last change of all, I am going somewhere new! I am going to do a whole blog on this soon, as it has been somewhat of a momentous journey but first of all below are my favourite quotes about change and why they are good.

P.S The picture above was taken in minus-1 in Hyde Park in one of my favourite 1950s shelf busters in mint- it was bloody freezing and we had to run and hibernate in a cafe immediately after but you have to suffer for your art!

Quotes on Change

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards,” Abraham Lincoln

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new,” Socrates

“She loves the smell of coffee, fresh roses and new beginnings,” Sonia Azalia

“Do one thing a day that scares you,” Eleanor Roosevelt










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