Vintage attire at Winter Wonderland

Well hello there and may I say, Happy New Year!

2016 was for many an odd year, and for me some super highs, amazing projects and also some struggles and challenges. I used to sometimes see these as negatives but now I see them as ‘messages.’ Along the way instead of hanging on to anything I simply let it go and see it as it was- a simple message. But the last year has been quite wonderful so it was definitely a positive. And now it’s all go, go, go! My life is about to change dramatically and I can’t wait to reveal the happy news soon (very soon!) It’s very exciting!!!

But until then I thought I would get the year started off with some vintage attire and a stroll in Hyde Park. This is a 1940’s pinafore which was a little raggedy at the ends and the length actually didn’t suit me. So out came the scissors and I swiped the bottom off, turning it into a turban to hide a multitude of sins (what can I say? My hairdressers on holiday). You bring it underneath the head, twisting it on the top but instead of pulling around (like you would with a scarf) you tuck and pin it underneath (almost like a backward curl on top of the head). Ouila! Turban time ahoy! I love the pinafore look, although it is an acquired taste and I teamed it with vintage inspired gloves, thick cable tights and shoes from (my favourite shop in the whole world) Marks and Spencers.

I attended Winter Wonderland on it’s last day and it was very beautiful, infact more beautiful to go in the day as it was a crisp fresh bank holiday morning with sunshine all around.

A fun little video I shot will also appear soon! May you have a beautiful 2017 full of joy, happiness and peace- May all your dreams come true.

Annette xxx





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