Glamorous Hats New Collection Shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of modeling for Glamorous Hats new collection by Valeria. The creations are stunning, jaw dropping works of art using the finest Swarovski, taxidermy, precious stones and sumptious fabrics. When you put them on they make you walk, stand and act differently- this is the Glamorous Hats effect!

All of Valeria’s hats are lovingly hand-made in her Atelier in East London, using only materials of the highest quality or by restoring great condition vintage pieces, paying greatest attention to detail and execution. She is strongly influenced by both historical and contemporary styles and loves the craft of traditional millinery. She designs, steams, blocks, pleats, sews, shapes, constructs, dyes and paints with a passion. Her hats combine stylish trims and dramatic shapes to create sensational designs that are seductive and sophisticated. Valeria’s hats are sought after by A-list celebrity stylists and have been worn to Ascot, Buckingham Palace, weddings and on stage to name a few occasions.

To view more of her work:

ValeriaHats-F 28

ValeriaHats-F 15-f


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