It’s All Over Now Baby Blue…

Wow, I feel like I just turned around and the whole year has gone by! It’s almost September and yes, it is almost time to put away the summer clothes and get the wool, fur, velvet and well, anything warm out of the closet.

But I couldn’t resist a little end of summer soirĂ©e in my favourite place in the world, Notting Hill!

This beautiful lace overlay pastel blue dress is from Topshop, I couldn’t believe it as I haven’t been in there for two years! The shoes are from Chanel

I feel a little sad the summers over but I think it’s always important to make a list to keep you going in winter. My beat the winter blues list goes something like this…

1, Buy a winter coat followed by shoes, a diva notebook and pen (back to school stylee!)

2, Bake! I love healthy food so I like to make cakes without any wheat, dairy, sugar or naughtiness.

3, Dog Walking. I adore my sweet dog Dorothy, pictured here. She always instinctively knows my emotions and often acts like a cat, curled in a ball in my lap. I take her pretty much everywhere, even jobs!

4, Take stock of the year. I always have a things to do list that I look at throughout the year to see what’s happening and what I need to improve on. I may post the list here at the end of the year and I always write things that are challenging that I’ll have to go out of my comfort zone for. Some of my ideas came true, some of them I am still working on… And one big one that I have my fingers and toes crossed for which I will wait just a little longer and then the answer will be revealed (I can barely contain myself!)

5, Get creative. In the summer we’re so busy soaking up the sun (or chasing it) we forget our hobbies and in the winter it’s time to hibernate and make things, create things and get back to our darling hobbies.


Photos by Robert Noble of The Rebels Rulebook blog


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