Summer In Full Bloom

It’s that time of year where the flowers are at their most beautiful. In England we get so much rain that when its sunny and dry, it’s time to make the most of it, in every way possible!

Below is a beautiful rose garden I found in a chapel whilst I was having a wander around, aptly named The Cloister part of St Johns Square Chapel and St Johns museum.

I instantly felt so relaxed in the tranquil surroundings which can be hard to find in London, I also feel with our stop-start weather that the new blue Fifi Chachnil cardigan is the perfect attire to wear in this weather!

Teamed with some LA sunglasses (I think I actually bought them from Forever 21 but they do a fab job of pretending to be designer!) and I’m happy as can be in my rose garden.

Where is your favourite place to relax this summer? I would love to know xxx








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