The Art of Kenwood House

Sometimes in life it’s good to be impromptu! Last night I was feeling just that with a sudden urge to go to Kenwood House at 7pm. So I hopped in the car and drove up to Hampstead just a few miles away. On arrival my breath was taken away!

Lush green grass and dramatic trees swept across the landscape, a beautiful orangery to one side and Kenwood House is simply stunning, built originally as a 17th century country manor. It was built in early 17th century for Lord Mansfield and since then has had many princes, lord, ladies, countesses that have resided in this beautiful home. It has a spectacular library and orangery (built to coincide with each other) and features an old dairy on site and the most beautiful cottages too. The gardens are delightful and feature sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Eugène Dodeigne in the gardens near the house

I wore a 1940s hat which has a Chinese flare to it – I looked quite funny driving in it I have to say! I teamed this with a Taylor dress from (would you believe it) TK Max in Truro! I love the crepe like feel of it with the bias cut and flared sleeves, it reminds me of the late 30’s early 40’s attire and is perfect as a summer party piece and as an easy to wear addition.

If you get the chance I highly recommend a beautiful walk at Kenwood House, it really is just darling! Xxx



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