The Country Retreat

Sometimes in life we all need a little country getaway- some sweet breeze, open space and homely food. Last weekend I was in the mood for just that so went to my parents, who live in a lovely village near Devizes in Wiltshire.

As I was brought up in Devon I am used to the only sound in the morning being of birds tweeting and the noise from the long shores, so feel lucky to have grown up in such a tranquil land.

This visit was particularly special. My mum went to all the local farms and cooked me my favourite meals, we went for long dog walks, baked cakes (wheat free of course) and cosied up by the fire watching vintage films- Thank goodness for creature comforts!
We also visited a sweet village called Froome which is a secret creative haven, full of beautiful vintage stores, art gallery’s and cobbled streets.

I went back to London refreshed, recharged and full of delicious food! Having a get away gives you space for clarity, a time to be at one with nature whilst enjoying the peacefulness that the countryside brings- I shall be having more of these I think 😉

Love Annette xxx

PS My dad took these photos! Oh my god! He’d had a couple of glasses of red and insisted he used to be an ‘amazing’ photographer.
‘Are you sure?’ I queried, slightly sceptical of such a brazen statement.
‘I swear,’ he said. ‘I used to be a brilliant photographer back in the day’- well, they turned out pretty good! These photos I’m proud to say were taken by my dad, and now my friends want him to do theirs too, lol- He has a new career!
He also said ‘he’s happy to come to London and do more.’ As I love to say, ‘You can’t make it up.’

Coat- Harris Tweed

Cardigan- Monsoon

Trousers- Marks and spencer

Beret- Brora






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