Vintage Accessories Perfect For Christmas Presents

Christmas is less than two weeks away, I can’t quite believe it! I’m very excited to see the New Year in and what a year it has been. But even with all the business, glamour never takes a holiday and here are some easy vintage accessories that you can buy for your loved ones or spruce up a classic outfit. These are all 1950’s but you can of course, wear whichever era you love…

Have a beautiful Christmas wherever you are xxx

The Glasses

Vintage 1950’s glasses are a classic and affordable item that makes anything look a little ‘Mildred.’ I call it secretary sauce and I bought these from an LA shop then had clear glass put in for £20 (I don’t actually need glasses but love the geek chic look 😉


The shoe clips

A shoe can look decorative with just one secret trick- clip on earrings. I have used pearlesque 1950’s one’s and you just put them on the front over the black decorative patch. Even better chop and change them depending on your outfit. You can also wear them in the normal way, on your ears so it’s a versatile item that can be used in many ways.


The brooch

Although I love a fancy cardi, a brooch can do wonders to any outfit. Mostly they are pinned onto the chest but I like to secure them in the middle of a jumper or cardigan for that just finished work secretary look.



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