Vintage Style Maternity Fashion

Finding maternity clothes is how can I put it politely? Bonkers! (As well as frustrating, hard work and time consuming).

There’s the maternity leggings and jeans (which kind of make you look like your wearing a nappy 😉 and I am quite feminine so really wanted to find pieces that emulated my style. Also I love vintage styles, especially those of the 1950’s so could I find something that had an essence of this? I had my work cut out for me!

I decided to head to my favourite haunt (where I’ve shopped ever since I was little) Marks and Spencers.

I used to shop in the ‘Over 50’s’ section which is now called ‘Classics’ as their items are pure vintage whilst being very comfortable.

I decided to see if I could put their pieces to the test and find some pregnancy clothes. Now they don’t have a maternity section as such! But one thing I have realised with maternity wear is that as long as there’s stretch and they are not too tight on the waist then you can definitely work around that problem. I have found that wrap dresses work well as do floaty pieces and jersey.

Here are my favourite Marks and Spencers pieces which aren’t maternity wear but could definitely work well for ladies out there who are expecting… Happy shopping 😉

1st Look~ Floral Wrap Dress £39.50

2nd Look- Floral Print Dress £19 (wow! Amazing price)

3rd Look- Floral Dress £15

4th Look- Wrap Dress £45

5th Look- £39.50


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